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FAll Skills Training 
Footwork, Games, Finishing and More



Strong one-on-one skills are a huge asset for a soccer player. Just about every game situation includes individual attacking and defending.1v1 play is at the heart of Coerver® training and instruction. Our program is designed to focus on Ball Mastery Skills which lead to more creative and confident players who are capable of creating opportunities for themselves and teammates. 
Kapiolani Park 
Sept 25 - Sunday
Ages 11-15  
Cost $20 

Come experience the Coerver Method the #1 Soccer Training Method in the World

Who it is for?

Players who want to focus on improving their individual skills with a dynamic first touch.  Players will focus on learning a PROVEN Coerver moves set along with receiving/passing skills.  1v1 moves will be learned to keep possession and create space and time to pass, run or shoot.  At certain sessions and clinics Finishing skills will be incorporated.  Key focus is on proper technique.
ALL level players who are interested in working on building stronger technical skills will benefit from our footwork session.
Club and High School players looking to increase their first touch and work on building stronger ball mastery skills.

Coerver Pyramid of Player Development


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