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Camp Questions

Coerver® Hawaii
How are kids placed in groups during summer camps and academy sessions?

Our placement system groups players into Teams with others of similar ability and experience. Please keep in mind that this is a skills training program, and a player who is much stronger or weaker than the others on a Team will not get the most out of the camp in that setting. For boys and girls 7-16 yrs, new and returning players. The Coerver program is designed to develop a “soft” first touch, “quick” feet, and confidence with the ball. It includes teaching many “Moves” to beat an opponent to the goal or to create time and space.   Each level builds upon mastery of the previous curriculum fundamentals to continue to challenge and develop player’s skill sets.  The High School/College elite level program is geared for experienced advanced level players ages 15-20 and includes strength/agility training combined with Coerver ball mastery activities.

Can I request my child be placed in a group with a friend or teammate(s)?

We are not able to guarantee players will be placed with their friends.  We will place players of similar abilities together in groups. If you come together as a group from a team we will evaluate the skill levels for placement on Day 1.  While we are happy that players and their friends or teammates have registered for the same week of camp this is a skills camp/program and we want to ensure the most growth and development for every player.

Some factors that go into placing your child into a group include: age and previous Coerver® Camp experience. Coerver® camps include several activities to help kids get to know one another, and create a welcoming environments for them to build friendships. Because of our desire to advance every player, we cannot move players to different groups unless recommended by their coach.

I missed a few days of my camp/program, can I get it prorated?

Unfortunately, we cannot prorate our programs. We understand every now and then a player will miss one day of camp. Although we encourage each player to attend all 5 days, we understand things come up. If you cannot attend at least 3 days of camp, it may be best to wait and sign up for a different week of camp that better fits your schedule.

The camp/program I want to attend is sold out, is there anything I can do to get in it?

Every now and then we will have slots open up due to players switching camps/programs or dropping out last minute. If this happens, we contact people in order on the wait list for that camp to fill the spot(s). If the camp you greatly wish to attend is sold out, please email [email protected]

Can I switch my child from camp to camp during the summer?

Each camper is allowed to switch to a different camp one time with advance notice. If additional switches need to be made, a $10 fee will be assessed each time. If you are switching to another camp, it must be done at least 7 days before the first day of both camps. Changes are dependent on availability.

My child is missing Friday, what should we do?

Our competition day is on Friday based on performance all week and certificates are  given out on Friday. If your camper will be missing Friday, please let your coach know and we will make arrangements to get your camper’s items to you.

If you have a friend participating in the same camp, your friend can let their coach know and pick that up for your child.

I'm attending camp or academy what should my player bring with them?

  • Ball - write name and phone number on it
  • Water bottle
  • Shin guards- required to be worn at all times on the field
  • Proper soccer shoes for the field environment
  • Light healthy snack for break

What if my child gets injured at camp/program?

A copy of the medical information and contact information you provided during registration is kept on location for use in case of injury or emergency. Safety is very important to us and we will call parents to pick up and seek medical treatment.  If serious we will call 911.

My child has a medical condition and I would like to leave something with the coach. How can I do that?

When you check in on the first day of camp, let the staff member know so proper attention can be given. Please bring your items in a zip-lock bag (or container) with your campers name and number on it. Coaches are not able to dispense medicine for your child. 

What should I do on the first day of a Ball Mastery Camp or Academy?

You will need to check in your child the first day of camp. During check-in our staff will direct you to the location of your groups coach. Coaches will call you into groups right at the start. We encourage people to arrive early on the first day as there can sometimes be a line to check-in.

Do you have discounts?

Yes!!!  We offer a discount prior to March 31 for early registration.  We do offer sibling discounts.  If you register more than 1 child we provide a $10 discount for each sibling. 

Refunds require 2 week notice prior to Day 1 of camp as we must plan our staff and groups ahead of time.  All refunds will be assessed a 10%  processing fee for cancellation.  No refunds will be issues after the start of camp.