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Small Group Private Training Options

Private Training 

Private and Small Group Training is available  for Coerver Hawaii!

Players of similar skill and ability per trainer.  Many repetitions and with realistic game pressure. Lower cost per player.  Balanced Rest-to-Labor Ratio. Sessions designed for each group’s age and level. 

Privates are 60 min

Price range:

  • Individual 1 on 1 $50 per session 
  • Groups of 2-3 players; $40/player/session
  • Groups of 4-5 players: $30/player/session
  • Groups of 6 players; $25/player/session

Many players are looking for something more and our Coerver team provides high level ADVANCED training to include speed/agility, difficult and challenging moves sets, finishing activities and fast activities that build skill and confidence! 

Private Training 1 on 1 with Coerver Pro Trainer
Customized  sessions designed specifically for each player's unique needs.  100% personal attention
Intense focused workouts with many repetitions to build muscle memory for technical skills


At Coerver we strive to build a love for the game and the discipline to train hard to achieve a player's best performance.  There are times we will have access to new technology and will integrate it as part of our different programs.   Focus is on first touch and will incorporate Coerver moves sets and passing/receiving skills.